Keepface, a Dubai based influencer marketing platform has successfully raised USD 300,000 in a seed funding round. It managed to raise the funds with a private Venture Capital firm which operates from the MENA region.

Keepface is an online marketing platform where brands recruit social influencers to create engaging, native and selling content in social media for their communication campaigns.

Founded in 2016, Keepface managed over 50 influencer marketing campaigns for local and international brands including Samsung, Lays, Taxify, Sabis, Uber in Azerbaijan.

Keepsake works with big data to channelize influencers to the brands as per the target audience of that company. Most of its influencers are freelancers who are paid for creating and sharing the brands’ content.

Currently, operating in Turkey, Middle East, Iran, Caucasus and Central Asia, the main office is based out of Google’s Astrolabs in Dubai.

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